Registered Office Address Vs Trading Office Address


One of the concerns of every entrepreneur who is willing to start his business journey is to understand the concept of registered office address and trading address.

This may initially seem to be slightly convoluted but having a clear insight of this subject is of immense importance for the future operations of anyone’s entrepreneurial journey.

If you have opted to shape up your business as a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership, you are bound to register the company at an address in the UK. This is a legal requirement and is inevitable. The companies also need to put the address on their website which will be available to the public; the address will also be used by HMRC and Companies House to establish contact with you.

Trading address, on the other hand, is where you exactly carry out your business and can surely be other than the registered address used for the official purposes. The trading address can also be your home and for obvious reasons, you would not want your home’s address to be displayed publicly and to avoid this, you may register your business at other location and carry out your business from home.

It is for sure that a virtual address is in some cases, a necessity but in many other cases, it is also used to cast a great impression on the audience and have a great Online Identity. The concept usually is based on the co-working space.

One of the best features of the concept of having a separate virtual and registered address is that it allows you to register the firm in the UK and carry out the business from anywhere around the world. There can be two situations where you have a global business and you aspire to establish a limited company in the UK or you have a business in the UK and you wish to shift it across-borders, renting a premise in the UK and using it as the registered address for your business in an ideal alternative for both the situations as you can carry out the business at the location of your choice and also, you are on the right side of the law.

Another important facility that comes for the registered business address is the option to have access to the mail anywhere. If you opt for the virtual office services, any relevant official mail that arrives at your registered office address will be sent to you, opened and scanned copies of the documents are sent online to you for your reference and consideration.

Having a registered office address other than the trading address also allows you to save a lot of money. Having an office at the prime locations may cost a lot but registered office address may be the saviour and help you cut the cost.

Changing the address is also possible and you should immediately notify the Companies House and the HMRC about this update.