Barclays Business Bank Account

Barclays offers tailored business current accounts based on your specific banking needs.
It offers simple and intuitive banking solutions which allow you to take charge of your finances when you have started just yet.

Why choose Barclays?

12 months free
business banking

Barclays is committed to making things easy for the new businesses and it manages to do so by offering free banking for 12 months along with expert advice as and when you need it in those vital early months.

Winner of Business Moneyfacts
awards 2018

Barclays prides itself with the Business Moneyfacts award for "Business startup bank of the year - 2018".

Simple Price

Upon completion of your free banking period, the Barclays team will offer you 2 price plans which will reflect how you make and receive payments. You may ask the Barclays team for more info on this at the time of initial consultation.

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Doing business abroad

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Foreign currency account

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High growth & Entrepreneurs

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How Barclays gets your details and what happens next

  • Once your company is formed, we will automatically pass on your details via a secure link to the Barclays bank team.
  • Upon receipt of your details, Barclays will give you a call to arrange a meeting with your Barclays Business Manager at a convenient time in order to open your account.


  • Cashback is offered by THECOMPANYFORMATIONUK.COM LIMITED, not Barclays.
  • Once Barclays bank confirm to you that your bank account has been opened, you then need to complete our cashback form and we will then transfer the cash back to you. Apply for your cash back).
  • You just need to open your bank account within 3 months of forming your company, and submit your cash back claim within 45 days of opening your bank account.