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Certain basic accounting related services are needed by each company irrespective of their size, turnover and trading status. We are glad to introduce you to Debitam - Online Account Filing Limited. They have expert accountants with decades of experience in the accounting industry, who can help you with all your accounting needs.

As a limited company, you may need the below accounting services:

Annual accounts and company tax return CT600
Annual accounts and company tax return CT600

Every company is required to prepare the end of end-of-year accounts (iXBRL) and corporation tax return CT600, and file them with Companies House as well as HMRC. This needs to be done accurately based on the financial data for the particular year, and in accordance with the Companies House and HMRC's rules and regulations

The company Formation | Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the base for your annual accounts and tax returns. Proper bookkeeping records can help you be on top of your financial position and business performance at any given point of time. It helps you plan your business moves in such a way which enhances your profitability and with a bit of financial planning, it helps you meet your payment obligations in a better way.

The company Formation | Payroll services

We strongly recommend every company to run payroll, and especially the single director companies. Most of the single director companies are not sure about how to take out money from the business bank account for personal use. With the tax free dividend threshold coming down to £2000 per year, taking out salary from the company is the only tax-efficient way to achieve it.

The company Formation | VAT and Bookkeeping service

All companies having/expecting to have a vatable turnover of more than £85,000 are required to register for VAT and then file regular VAT returns to HMRC.

The company Formation | CIS Contractor and Sub-contractor

There are separate compliance involved in case you are a CIS contractor or a sub-contractor. Claiming back a CIS deduction involves several steps including running of payroll on a regular basis. Most CIS sub-contractors are not aware of this duty and sometimes end up losing their rightful CIS refund. CIS contractors on the other hand are required to make appropriate deductions from sub-contractor payments, keep a proper record of them and then submit Monthly CIS returns CIS300 to HMRC informing about the deductions, followed by payment of the CIS money they had deducted actually.

The company Formation | Confirmation statement filing

Confirmation statement filing and other secretarial compliance.

Once the company is incorporated, we will get in touch with you for having a 30-mins free consultation with our expert advisers at the
Debitam - Online Account Filing Limited. They can offer you completely tailored services meeting your exact requirements.

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